Bogumił Going to Be Pissed When He Learns There’s Occupations Other Than Serf

old peasant

Whilst he was toiling away endlessly in the fields yesterday eve, onlookers noted that Bogumił the serf was probably going to be pissed once he realizes that occupations exist other than serf.

“He just seems so content with his miserable serf existence, but ‘tis only because everyone he knows are also serfs,” sayeth fellow serf Yaro. “I guess he thinks that everybody’s lyfe sucks this bad. ‘Tis quite sad.”

Bogumił is knownst to be the happiest and hardest working serf on the fief, often picking up second shifts digging holes or moving bales of hay mindlessly from one location to another.

“Methinks he’s not even aware that there’s, like, a whole town and castle and stuff right over those hills, or that there’s this entire social hierarchy thing that we’re at the very bottom of,” added Yaro.

“He never joins us at the tavern after work. I went into his hovel one night to invite him, and he was literally sitting there staring at a rake waiting to start work again in the morning. ‘Sorry, I can’t leave my rake,’ he told me.”

Some friends are worried that Bogumił might fly into a rage when he realizes that jobbes other than serf exist. But others think he’ll forever remain unaware of the fact, noting that he once saw a passing lord being carried in a lavish sedan and immediately doused his own eyes in vinegar to “avoid being blinded by Satan’s temptations.”

“There be nothing like waking up at ye crack of dawn, downing a cold cup of gruel, and not thinking about anything except how badly my fingers and back hurt until I go to bed,” sayeth Bogumił. “If that be not paradise, then I don’t know what is.”