Peasantry The King

Kingdom’s Drunkards to Do Same Thing They Always Do but Wearing Green

peasants dancing


The celebration of the Patron Saint of Imbibition ist upon us, and the Kingdom’s drunkards art expected to taketh to the streets to do the same thing they always do, but wearing more greene. Indeed, despite the spate of pestilence racking the Kingdom, the level of carousing, romping, revelment, and roisteration ist expected to be as high as on any other day.

Many of the Kingdom’s drinking establishments, such as the Bended Knee Tavern, shalt be open, for ’tis always a saintly act to giveth The King thy monies.

But if thou findest thyself in the streets, take heed to avoid any merrymakers in greene, for they surely carry the same influences of the drink that they always do, but perchance even more so.

Stayest safe, ye subjects of The Crowne, for ‘twould be a waste if thou didst die before thy service to The King was complete!

May His Reign Be Eternal and Sweete!