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5 Adorable Forest Kittens That Unfortunately Were Devoured By Forest Bears

forest kittens

Oyez! E’en the coarsest of folk enjoy the sight of a furry, mewling kitten. The Kingdom’s forests possess felines with all the cuteness the Gods have to offer, but the forests be also filled with many terrors for a cuddly cat. Feast thine eyes upon these adorable forest kittens that unfortunately were all brutally devoured by hungry forest bears.

  1. Pumpkin– An orange forest kitten who loved hiding in pumpkins and slashing local mice. Her favorite food was pinecones, and although she was far too diseased to live within one’s home, she sometimes liked hopping in young ladies’ baskets as they came back from the market, only to jump out and hug them. But to many ladies’ dismay, she one day jumped out of her basket into the mouth of a forest bear and that was that for Pumpkin.
  2. Leafy – Leafy’s favourite food was a forest berrie called a ratat. He wouldst nibble on ratats as locals sent cute etchings of him to their friends. Known for his fondness of jumping in leaves, Leafy is now amongst the Leaf Gods. If only he had known that hungry bears also enjoyed resting in piles of leaves, perhaps he wouldst still be with us chewing on ratats today.
  3. Bartholomew – Bartholomew loved chasing butterflies and dancing in puddles. Had his attention not been distracted as he wandered into a glen after a butterfly, he may have escaped the ravenous jaws of the forest bear that ripped him to shreds.
  4. Rainbow- Little rainbow loved chasing mice in circles for hours. Her zest for life was rivaled only with that of the happiest gurgling peasant baby. She had two brown spots around her eyes and she smelt of cinnamon and fresh gruel. In all likelihood ‘twas her cinnamon and fresh gruel scent which attracted the pack of forest bears to her as she cuddled with a peasant baby.
  5. Bootstraps– This littel black forest kitten was known for running about town and hiding in men’s boots. The village children wrote a song for him and would sing it as he ran about eating shards of glass. But neither the children nor the boots protected him from the 7 bears that came into the village and ripped him limb from limb in the night.