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Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes For Pretending Thou Ate Something Other Than Turnips And Cold Grüel

turnip still life

‘Tis always a challenge to finde creative ways to useth the leftovers thou hast from thy meager Thanksgiving dinner. And ’tis e’en more difficult to pretend that thy peasant family ate something other than the pathetic rations thou eats year round. Here beeth some fyne Thanksgiving leftover recipes for pretending thou ate something other than turnips and cold grüel like thou always does.

  1. Turnip and grüel sandwiche. The addition of bread maketh for the perfect luncheon, so long as thou hast a surplus of wheat that wastn’t confiscated by the Army for their winter campaign.
  2. Ca∫∫erole. Mix thy turnips and grüel together in a dish to pretend thou art eating something fresh and new! Requires an oven to heat, so probably not an option if thou art out of woode.
  3. Mashed turnip dippe. A quick snacke for watching the local sporting contest during thy single hour of reste on Sunne’s Daye.
  4. Thanksgiving salad. Collect grasses from a nearby meadow, puttest thy stale turnips on top, and useth the grüel as dressing. Salad ’tis ne’er enjoyable, but thou dost not have many other options!
  5. Turnip wings. If thou art of an artistic bent, carveth thy turnips into the shape of turkey wings and pretend the sweet taste of meat doth touch thy lippes.