The King

King Unanimously Appointed As King By God


The votes beeth in, and once again The King hath been unanimously appointed as King of All the Realm by God in an overwhelming majority Heavenly Decree.

“We hath tallied God’s wishes, and this year He remaineth steadfast in His orders that The King shall rule for eternity,” sayeth Royal Godvote tallier Needham Miske. “There wast a moment there when ’twas looking lyke God’s sentiments may have swung towards World Ending Apocalypse instead, but in the end His faith in His Majesty’s Rule ist unwavering.”

Some subjects hath complained that God’s voice in appointing their ruler beeth not always representative of their wises, and that there beeth no way to have an independent third party verify God’s decision. And they art correct. For their voices doth not matter and The King doth not stoop so low as to care for the wishes of lowborne swine.

And, anyways, moste of the naysayers are mysteriously dead.

So rejoice in the knowledge that The King remaineth thy eternal ruler and He doth have the legitimate backing of God Himself!

God voteth for The King!