Beasts of the Wyld Magick

So Thy Transformation Into A Chimera Turned Out Far Less Fearsome Than Thou Expected


Many subjects hath high expectations whence being transformed by a a she-witch into a chimera or other gruesome beast. But what doth one do when, instead of being transformed into a fearsome creature, thou art mutated into a sad being with a dumb human face and a useless doghead tail?

Thou wouldn’t be the first to finde thyself in such a situation.

“One may beeth surprised to hear that, when it cometh to supernatural bestial transmutations, moste are far more comickal than evil,” sayeth Professor of Bestiary Sciences Fjardle Mírsdÿr, BD. “Beasts that ravage villages and require the services of a hero to smite maketh up but a trifle of bestiary cases.”

So what dost thou do if thou art now a hideously useless beast whomst can’t so much as frighten a peasantling? Mírsdÿr sayeth there beeth plenty of support groupes for impotent monsters like thyself.

“Thou aren’t the only hilariously un-scary beast in the Realm,” sayeth he. “There beeth plenty of wingless Griffins and cheese-horned unicorns thou can share thy pathetic feelings with.”