Womyn Found Guilty Of Being Womyn Without Permission

burned at the stake

Oyez! Oyez! Local peasant womyn Amabel Lœf hath been justly burnt at the stake after she wast so found to beeth a womyn without permission.

Nary her husband, nor her father, nor her brothers recall her so much as asking whither ’twas permitted by them that she beeth such a lowly beast.

“Not only did the wench not asketh of us whether womyn-being wast allowed in our hovel, she didst not e’en seek to obtain a Womyning Permit from the local magistrate,” sayeth her husband, Lüff Lœf. “Such shame she hath wrought upon mine house.”

His Majesty wouldst lyke to remindeth His subjects that womyn-being beeth perfectly legal so longe as one obtains said Womyning Permit and doth pay the fortnightly Womyn Tax. But all who dothn’t follow the Royal Procedures shalt justly burn.

Long liveth The King!