Peasantry The King

Whipping Poste Installed In Serf Breake Room Doth Set An Ominous Tone For Reste Of Work Week

Whipping Post

HANLEY-BY-THE-RIVER-UPON-TRENT-BY-THE-SEA — The serfes of manorial lord George Wyburn were mette wit an unfortunate sight on this day as they congregated in the serfe breake room for their one sanctioned hour of rest, which is granted by God’s grace on every third day.

“All this week our lord hath been speaking of a ‘special surprise’ he hath prepared for us,” saith terrified serf Aidan Brook. “Many of us were expecting a troubadour to stop by, perhaps, or maybe even a deer bagged in the royal woods. Ah, well. I suppose this is my juste punishment for daring to aske why my first-born John hadde to be conscripted in to the King’s army.”

Sources within the Lord Wyburn’s household confirmed that the Lord had searched far and wide for another gift to grant his leal subjects, settling on a series of exercise and fitness balles that would really, according to the Lord Wyburn, “spruce up the break room and make them stoppe their nagging aboute basic human rights.”