Common Misconception: Having All of Thy Possessions Stolen by Skeletons Doth Not Exempt Thee from Paying Taxes

skeletons stealing belongings

‘Tis a common misconception amongst taxpayers Kingdomwide that having all of thy possessions stolen by reanimated skeletons doth exempt thee from paying taxes. Royal Tax Advisor Jervosh Pocketminn hath provided some clarification for any subjects in such a situation.

“One may thinkest that just because thou wast carrying all of thy belongings on thy back when thou wast accosted by evil skeletons who stole everything thou owns that thou wouldst be exempt from paying the Belongings Tax. But thou wouldst be mistaken,” sayeth Pocketminn. “By Royal Decree, thou art required to pay taxes on all belongings thou possessed before thou wast attacked by skeletons, plus taxes on all belongings thou still retained after the attack was over.

“Since thou art also poor now, thou wilt be required to pay an additional Poor Tax. If thou wast injured in the scuffle, thou may have to pay an Injury Tax as well, depending on severity.

“Also, beeth sure to report the incident to thy nearest necro-constables so they can bringeth the skeletons to justice and return them to their graves, for this is required by law. For reporting the incident, thou wilt be charged a standard fee for the necro-constabulary services. This fee shall also be taxed.”

We hopeth this clears things up!