A Lot Harder To Lift Things After Discovery Of Gravity

peasants carrying sticks

THE FIELDS UPON WHICH SERFS TOIL — Inne unfortunate tidings for serfes and laborers across the Realm, an announcement made by monastery scholars earlier on this day reveeled the existence of a questionable propertie that is called Gravity.

“Thanks to these scholars I can no longer lifte as many bales of haye or tonnes of bricks as I have used to,” saith Shaftholme serf William Plowman, decrying the discovery which hath made all itemes ungainlier and more tireing to holde. “Like many of mine country men I applaud the efforts of these scholars — we have made many paiments to them to ensure that our soules pass on to Heaven, after all — but we mayhaps have gonne to far as the sciences are concerned.

“My third-born son Osric was high up in the air at the time, and unfortunately he came down very fast.”

At the tyme of this paper’s enscribing, the Realm’s serfes were crashing into walles and tripping in fieldes after these same scholars announced the discovery of another mysterious concept named “momentum”.