The King

5 Rebellious Provinces That Never Existed Because The King Wiped Them from the Histories

provinces map

Lo! ‘Tis a fact that the Kingdom beeth in a state of perpetual peace due to the virtuous magnanimity and courageous sword of His Majesty! Ne’ertheless, from tyme to tyme a pesky principality or minor territory doth decide to rebel. For this, the rebels are justly crushed and erased from the map. Here beeth 5 rebellious provinces that ne’er actually existed because The King wiped them from the histories.

  1. [Nonexistent Province 1]. ‘Twas rumoured that [Nonexistent Province 1] was once amongst the grandest principalities in the Realm. But these rumours are false, for nothing is so grand but The King’s Grace.
  2. [Nonexistent Province 2]. Whilst the existence of [Nonexistent Province 2] beeth well known due to the glory His Majesty earned on the battlefield in crushing it, beeth warned that ’tis illegal to speak of it except in praise of the Royal Deeds on said battlefield.
  3. [Nonexistent Province 3]. None hath e’er heard of it and none ever shall. Tales of [Nonexistent Province 3]’s glory are merely a fantasy of roguish knaves who shalt be dealt with in due course.
  4. [Nonexistent Province 4]. The watery realm of [Nonexistent Province 4] is but a myth. And ’tis just that, a watery realm, for His Majesty flooded the city and cast its inhabitants into the sea. Although this ne’er happened and it ne’er existed.
  5. [Nonexistent Province 5]. Many hath claimed to be from [Nonexistent Province 5], and many hath been kilt for so claiming. They wouldst sayeth that their cause was just and they died honourably fighting for their freedom. They wouldst sayeth that The King was a tyrant who must be stopped, and that theirs was the cause of righteousness. And they wouldst be dead for so saying. Hence, they wouldstn’t sayeth.

Long liveth The King!