Beasts of the Wyld

Sincerest Apologies, But When I Placed That Advertisement for Questing Companions I Forgot to Specify ‘No Goat-Faced Forest Dæmons’

knight on quest

Lo! Since I posted mine advertisement for Questing Companions on ye local bulletin, the outpouring of interest hath been moste superbe. Howe’er, I regret to inform many of ye applicants that, when I placed said announcement, I forgot to specify that absolutely no goat-faced forest dæmons shoudlst apply.

Not that I harbour ill wills against said dæamons or anything like that. ‘Tis just that I much prefer the companie of elves, dwarves, and other knights-errant like mineself whence questing. Fie, I wouldst e’en consider accepting a giant into our fellowship if his vision of chivalrous pursuits was aligned with ours!

O’er the course of many a quest I hath found that goat-faced forets dæmons simply don’t make effective allies when battling dragons and rescuing princesses. Also, I absolutely can’t stand looking at thy hideous goat faces.

So whilst I greatly appreciate the tyme many of ye goat-faced monstrosities tooketh to apply to mine quest, I must politely reject thy applications. I wish thee the utmost luck in the future doing whatever scandalous things thou dost in the forest.

Long liveth The King!