Beasts of the Wyld

Should the Dwarven Mining Industry Take Responsibility for Awakening the Illurhög from Its Thousand-Year Slumber and Killing Everyone in the Province?

Dwarven mining industry awakening the Illurhog

Many hath heard of how DwarfCorp’s mining in the Rumpback Mountains hath awakened the mighty beast Illurhög from its thousand-year slumber, leading to the destruction of the entire province and the death of all its inhabitants. But beeth the Dwarven mining industry really to blame for this calamity?

The King Sayeth, “Nay.”

DwarfCorp hath always been a loyal ally of The Crowne, and their many lobbyists in the Royal Court hath lavish’d His Majesty with great gifts of gemstones and precious metals. Therefore, they art exempt from all wrongdoing. Responsibility for this disaster shall be placed on The King’s enemies.

“Sure, we wert digging deep into the belly of the mountain despite numerous warnings that Illurhög, Destroyer of Kingdoms and Scourge of Civilizations, had been trapped there millennia ago after a terrible battle with the Wizards of Rump,” sayeth DwarfCorp spokesdwarf Grendro Thibblenyr. “But accidents like this doth happen all the tyme in the mining industry, and we expect to have it cleaned up and the Illurhög returned to its resting place in the pits of Yslumbdør in no tyme at all.”