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Science: Be It Heresy or Just a Harmless Fad?

Science: be it heresy or just a harmless fad

There beeth much talk ado about this new occult pracktice called “science.” So-called “scientists” sayeth they can discover and predict miraculous things based on heathen laws known to no man. They hath e’en made many a claim about the Universe itself, knowledge of the goings on of which are the sole realm of God.

Science’s mysterious and seditious nature begs one to ask the question: Is prackticing science heresy, or is it just a harmless fad?

Surely, many of The King’s subjects hath been executed for prackticing similar dark arts in the past – witchcraft, paganism, democracy – but it seemeth that this “science” may just be a passing trend that wilt wither and die within a few years time.

Wouldst The King just be better off to let these scoundrels sealeth their own fate, whilst the laws of Heaven and Nobility prove that science is a false practice? Or should He actively persecute them like He does with other like blasphemers?

Whilst the decision on how to so proceed is clearly The King’s alone – as are all decisions of veritable worth – wethinks that no matter what course of action His Majesty takes, this “science” nonsense won’t last long!

The King’s will beeth done!