How Can the Earth Be Rounde if Geometry Is Illegal?

scientist and boy reading map

Beeth thee wares! A ragged philosopher ist travelling throughout the lande preaching that the Earth beeth rounde! Yet how can the Earth beeth rounde when geometry and all other manners of blasphemous maths and sciences hath been declared illegal by Royal Decree?

It hath been provene that the Earth beeth flat because it looketh flat, but more importantly because The King sayeth ’tis so.

If thou seest this philospher, contact the Royal Constabulary with utmost haste, and a continued lyfetyme of servitude shall be thy reward.

Also beest on the lookout for a madman who believes The King’s Realm circles the Sun. Ridiculous! The Sun is barely the size of a trebuchet stone, yet the Realm stretches as far as His Majesty canst ride His steed!

God saveth The King!